Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Cody does not have cystic fibrosis says the test! We're all thanking God for that. He started allergy shots yesterday, so we'll see if this helps.
The allergist doctor was flamboyantly optomistic. The allergist doctor was a bit handsy with me and entered my space too often as I sat hopefully staring up at him with promise of a diagnosis. No matter. That happens. So, Cody was stuck in the arm yesterday. We move on with hope that the cough will die.
One huge development in our family: I am now teaching again. At home on my couch, on the floor, over the seedling starter trays in the basement, everywhere.
It was a scary transition like moving to a new town. Yet we started and now we're in Texas with Travis who just found that an old yeller dog ate the meat that was hanging down from the hog butcherin'. Yep Old Yeller. Boy still boy but boy becomes man. We're enjoying it.
Tomorrow is Science Thursday, and we'll be reviewing animal classification, especially the invertebrates. Exciting, exciting!

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