Thursday, January 27, 2005

Joseph Campbell and spatulas

We are hooked, as mother and daughter, to the "Gilmore Girls" reruns (to us the original). Every evening from 4-5, we tune in to see if Loralei and Luke will ever get together. We tune into see a lovely, peaceful, funny mother-daughter combo who are best friends. We tune into see the dysfunctional parents and the funny best friends. We are hooked. I can't wait until tomorrow evening. If E and I've fought, we reunite in front of our television. We pretend that we have a similar relationship to these fictional, but darling characters.

This evening's show featured college freshmen Rory and Paris 'trying' out the typical Floridian Spring break. They didn't know what to do to 'fit in', so the first night they put a pizza on the bed, put in the videotape, called it the 'perfect night', and began to watch Bill Moyers interview Joseph Campbell in the famous "Power of Myth" dialogue. Ah, that was so funny to me. I wonder why ... :)

Chances are that's where I was in college too. Into my books. Into intellectual talks and ideas. My head was stuffed with new things, and I didn't understand the other way of living, like the spring break crowd in this show. I was definitely left behind in cold Missouri where there were good books still to read and, hopefully, blooming redbuds in the woods on the farm. And, yes, I found Joseph Campbell to be fascinating. Didn't you?

I've just been downstairs going through some of my files where I have recommendation letters, transcripts, personal notes from fave intellectual friends, ethereal-topical writing, and I wonder sometimes what happened to "her".

Should I have expressed all this through career? My file folders scream 'yes'! I had a few accomplishments, not a lot before I couldn't handle the balance of family and work. Why did I try so darn hard at college? That was another girl to be sure.

Well, I have a Pampered Chef party at an acquaintance's house, so I must go get ready. The today's woman will try to decide to purchase (that ugly math word again!) either the metal spatula or the stoneware thing. I'll let you know because it'll be quite interesting as a sign of the times.

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lady laura said...

I am a non-intellectual:-) Someday you'll have to tell me who Joseph Campbell is and why you find him fascinating. So, mini-server or stoneware something?