Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Rabies and such

I have not been writing much, I'm afraid, here in my blog. Other writing, yes -- the maintenance e-mail writing; the creative writing for an upcoming ministry kickoff; the lesson plans for my son's next day. And, to tell you the truth, I've been in teen parenting crisis mode. Ach. It's happening, and I'm supposed to be like Hosea, but I sunk into low words tonight. Ach. I pray that she turns out alright and is kept safe.

Home schooling was wonderful today, though. Cody and I built our lesson from an initial reading of "Old Yeller" -- we moved from discussion to journaling to building a fake log cabin to grammar to scientific questions on rabies. I can't tell you how much calmer our days are now that I'm not getting the onslaught of bad news, from the school personnel and from stressed-out Cody himself.

Well, the husband is here, asking to share a glass of wine. From ach to ahhhh....
More later,

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