Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Math ain't fun

Subtraction. The numbers are on the paper, but his eyes are on the marbles, the cats, the pretzels. What will happen when the birds are singing outside, when the trampoline arrives, when our little green seedlings are ready to plant?
I understand those feelings against the angry face of mathematics.
Subtraction takes away our good feelings. Multiplication increases our anxiety. Division separates us from healthy self-esteem (yes! I humiliated myself in fourth grade by crying because long division was soooo impossible to only me! the popular girl scout at my pod was excellent at it, but I was a poor, shy nondivision-type-of-lowlife).

Onto other, better things ...
Pinnacle software is a must-have. I went to a friend's house, and she pieced together my video footage which I shot for our ministry kickoff. It's a movie now! The software is just awesome, and I must save for it. I can think of all types of creative ventures to do as a new, more sophisticated distraction from math.

But, onto better things ... actually on to more forced subtraction for my poor son. God save him!

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