Thursday, January 20, 2005

purple zinnias

We have seeds! Cody and I spent our time circling the display this afternoon. As is typical, Cody wanted to control how we chose. I was able to choose four vegetables and two flowers. He chose five flowers and one sweet corn. We laughted when we compared in the van that we had both bought the purple giant zinnias! We also have hopes for chives, English daisies, carrots, broccoli, and snapdragons to name a few. Now, it's time to see if my florescent lights are still willing to proxy the sun until April or May. A couple of busy years prevented me from using the plant tables, but, hey, science needs to be demonstrated, not just taught, and so we have garden hopes with immediate gratification of sweet green sprouts. Nothing like it for the winter soul.

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lady laura said...

This makes me want to get in the soil! I think I'll go shopping.......:-)