Saturday, January 08, 2005

Beer drunk on aol

We like to sit in the back row of our church and snicker. I think we're the only family who tries to laugh through their noses at any little aberrant noise or word that happens in the building. I felt like the old-muppet-men-in balcony tonight. We laughed at the serious part, during the pastoral beckoning, because the band was attempting to walk serenely w/o notice behind him. Church was good for us.

I really enjoyed the "Toad the Wet Sprocket" song the band played. I love that group. Reminds me of a gift once of a couple albums from a person who now lives on another island with other inhabitants, with a message sent from time to time. That's life, we reckon.

Talking about music, I am slow my daughter acknowledges. I told her about discovering aol radio (she rolled her eyes), about discovering the alternative country station (she rolled her eyes). Yet this is my kind of music. Lucinda Williams et al. Rock tunes with a twang! I just heard a band called the Gourds who has an album called "Cow Fish Fowl or Pig." Great sound. Check them out at

Now, I'm listening to Wilco. Excellent. Now Flat Duo Jets. Nice! Back to the roots of rock n roll really. Rockabilly. Stray cats. Dwight Yoakam with more quirks. Good stuff. Even a banjo. Kick up those heels and jump those bales! I'm no longer in my townie circle! Here comes Hank Williams III bumpin' along (behind the mules) who likes to get "beer drunk in the Mississipi mud"-- sounds like there's some merit to the alchohol gene goin' on in that family.

Hey yah, nothing like good music on a Saturday night!

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