Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Marthaistically, I submit

I'm taking a breather before beginning =>

artichoke heart squares
raspberry gelatin delight pie
oatmeal and carmel chew bars
angel hair pasta salad (darn! I forgot the angel hair pasta -- it'll have to become Gemelli salad because everyone has a spare box of cheap pasta in their cupboards!)

crazy dressup prop finding
carnival music scouring
program detail notching
prayerful readiness to the final evening of the "Abba's Child" study.

The last evening of our Wednesday evening women's ministry group is finally upon us. I was like that WB Yeats' creature slouching toward Bethlehem this whole semester, barely making it, shaking in my boots in front of the 60-90 women, wondering how to handle depression, crisis, and doubt gracefully in front of others. Fortunately, my small group study "Abba's Child" dealt with being authentic and realistic and fingerholding when necessary. Thank you, Brennan Manning, and, primarily, thank you, Savior of women who have a list of Martha duties, because when Mary rises, doesn't she want to spread her joy of relationship with You to others? You are our Savior in many ways.

Well, may God takeover these duties and transform them into acts of worship and servitude. Please bless our gathering this evening as we focus on your glory.

Off to the refrigerator

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