Thursday, May 12, 2005


I woke up sad this morning over lost friends. There was a dream involved in which I knew what was going on with someone whom, in reality, I've lost touch with. The dream made me think about the train of others that are chugging on without me: some are by their choice, some by my negligence, some by situation. I can get bogged down in sadness over such things. I tend to care a lot, but I tend to become overwhelmed with too many pots in the fire, with too many at one time. And, of course, I have other irritating idiosyncracies which don't help. And, they also provide their own and have time issues, etc. Sigh. A natural thing, I guess, to not do friendship well all the time.
I'm just not liking the shifting, although I know it's typical, isn't it?, of friends moving in and out. I think I would love to have the stability of people who stick and accept no matter what. Of course, I have a few of those, but will they stay? Will I stay with them?
Alright, this is a morning fret. I just have to trust, as the good Spirit orchestrates, that I will be taken care of in this area, and that I will learn how to take care of.
Thank you, Father, for the higher relationship wisdom that you emanate. Truly needed and appreciated.

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