Friday, May 13, 2005

a beautiful rug

"Sometimes I can almost think that I was sent back to the false gods [of Norse mythology] there to acquire some capacity for worship againt the day when the true God should recall me to Himself. Not that I might not have learned this sooner and more safely, in ways I shall now never know, without apostasy, but that Divine punishments are also mercies, and particular good is worked out of particular evil, and the penal blindness made sanative." Surprised by Joy, CS Lewis.

I'm reading Lewis again, and I'm becoming stirred and thrilled as I recall the elasticity of his perspective as demonstrated in the above quote. I love how he regards imagination as an avenue to the Joy, the truth of the longing. Imagination is okay, not dangerous, as it can lead to the longing for good, and, ultimately, for God.

I took a CS Lewis class in college and experienced his leniency unlike any legalistic barnburning sermon ever heard (I had heard a-plenty too). His Narnian chronicles made me dance in the cowlot (see earlier posting) because it presented graciousness and gentleness and acceptance in the character of Aslan who was an allegorical God. I reacted with my first real act of worship to his Possibility that was depicted in a way that caused me to accept the goodness of His Reality. Ah, that was a gift.

Since this earlier college time, I've put Lewis away for a bit (of course having read thousands of quotes of his in almost every religious book that one picks up; the authors appear to want to make their statements credible by affirming it with "a Lewis"). It's almost like I know that I will want to stir and stew and spring up when I read some of the thoughts that he pulls together without fear of being a heretic, without fear of letting his mind wander, and knit, and weave together a most unusual beautiful rug. He's work in that way. But, I've missed it too, I'm realizing as I dig in to this book.

Thank you, Lord, for making diversity and beauty and imagination. I want to learn more about You.

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