Wednesday, May 11, 2005

and Away!

Thanks for putting up with my attempts at poetry yesterday. Ah, it's one of those things that need dutiful construction time to make it ping! and be entire-expressive. I love those snippet words, images, that convey, however.

C and I've been jumping on the trampoline this morning, laughing, falling. The dog has been there too with a four-foot touchdown, looking awkard, looking like he's smiling at the craziness of the moving ground. My aging back has flared with muscle aches, yet there I go up, up, up. I want to go down, down, down into fanciful positions; however, I learned my skeletal lessons the hard way not too long ago. That suspension is the joy, though. As Bo jumps on the bales, so we join him in the between worlds.

We also like to read our school books on it in the morning. We hear the neighbors behind our wooden fence; they are calling their cat "Willllllleeeeey"; they are commenting on this and that. We could spy if I didn't want spying to happen to me. We can almost see what they look like when we arise in the sky. Perhaps we can call out an introduction one day. "Hellllloooooo!"

I'm happy today for Ulchenna and Joyce of the "Amazing Race". Cody and I were up late cheering. Such a sweet couple! It has been a fun show to watch. Now, with American Idol almost over, we're almost free for the summer from the grip of reality. Now, onto fantasy as we climb higher and higher into the clouds on our trampoline.........::::::::!!

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