Monday, May 02, 2005

Daniel Boone was a man, free to hunt

It's one of those homeschooling days ...
Cody had another insomniac night and woke up upset at himself, us, the world. I was able to get him to do one History quiz, and then I thought it might be good day to watch the old black and white Daniel Boone movie as a follow up to a Davy Crocket book that we had read (somewhere logic in all that) as part of a focus on the West.
The movie was .... interesting => the old voices, faces, ideas. One awesome thing in it was when the wagon train had to cross the river; it showed women, with dresses flowing backwards, hanging on to the harness straps of the swimming horses against the heavy current.
Then, we tried to play before reading a nonfiction book called "Kids of the Wild West", but the outside play was full of Cody's anger, frustration, big sweeps of hopeless emotion about himself.
We don't have as many days like this, and the last few weeks of homeschooling have been great, but today, he was tired and cranky.
And, now, I've picked up the mood.
Our reading went out the window. Now what besides my venting?
Perhaps some art?
Perhaps an outing for some ice cream?

Perhaps a prayer....


alaiyo said...

I've been browsing your site this morning and have now to force myself to stop, as a final exam looms and is yet uncopied for the little darlin's who will be taking it. But I will be back. Lovely writing, so much encouragement in your words.

God bless you as you continue in your mothering of this special boy (and all else that you are doing alongside!).

Fieldfleur said...

Thanks for stopping by, Alaiyo! As you can see, I have your lovely blog as one of my top three to the right (via Cindy). I think I need to fix it, though, for it to connect ...
Thank you for your encouragement this morning. Means much.
Take care!

alaiyo said...

You are welcome! It is good to find serious folk and good writers to enjoy.