Thursday, May 19, 2005

Keeping the oil

Okay. Last post was a bit bleak. My first encounter with a homeschooling mother's rigidity. I talked with my wonderful Iowa homeschooling friend mom who said that was, unfortunately, somewhat normal. She explained how to navigate, how to count your losses, how to understand the mama-bear approach that these women often have. I felt better, yet still confused about who to connect with. Should I go with the secular group and, perhaps, experience more tolerance for Cody? Or, should I seek out people with grace in the Christian group? I even know some people, why not connect more with them? Yes, an old shyness inhibits me too, although I've pushed way past that in the last 20 years. We shall see as time goes on.

Morning reading .... I love the book of Matthew. The story of the virgins with oil lamps is one of my favorite. I want to be one who preserves what she has in order to be included in the bridegroom's feast. It has been one of those parables that float in my mind much. The sheep and the goats (I was hungry and you fed me, ....) also is so full of wisdom and challenge. The reading about the arrival of the son of man brought about those apocalyptic visions which were so common in childhood, thanks to my pentecostal grandmother; I can read them now without fear, but with intense longing that I will be caught up in his glory, unsurprised, prepared, unswayed by falsity. It's a beautiful, mystical vision that the sky will open, wear out, and I will be swept up into .... ah, yes, fulfillment of desire, saturation, completion.

Crazy sounding, yes, but written down for belief. I believe.


alaiyo said...

Hi, Teri! I've been catching up on your posts that I missed while we were traveling. Doesn't life keep us moving in every direction all at once?

I specifically pray that you will find Christian homeschool families who understand and practice grace. They are out there, and I have had students from many of them. From the others, too, but these are not unique to homeschoolers, of course. There is much in the way of rigidity and the wrong kind of certainty in the church altogether, as you know all too well.

But to find other believing families who can encourage you and Cody in your walk with Him as well as in your academic work -- I pray that blessing for you! (knowing that He may wish to use you in the lives of those who are not believers, though, in a different kind of group)

Anyway, I've enjoyed the reading of your last several posts with much encouragement to keep on believing and seeking. He is faithful, whether we see it at a particular moment or not.



Fieldfleur said...

Thanks! I hope your travels are going well.
Yes, it's hard not to believe that everyone will understand the situation, but that would be immature to keep holding onto that expectation.
And, we've all showed our 'extra-viglilance' against things we don't understand.
I'm trying a new blended (Christian/secular) group out on Monday. Thanks much for your prayers.
Glad that you're believing/seeking crawling/running toward that eternal glory!