Tuesday, February 01, 2005

almond roca

My last blog was bleak (bleally!), but not all is dreary. For instance, Cody and I rode our bikes to a nearby frozen custard shop a few minutes ago. We didn't ride, we raced, except when he called "icebreak!", and we rested on the curb. Then he'd say, "Ready, set, goat!", and we wouldn't start up again, because he said goat instead of go! When he finally said, "Go!", we'd be off again in the cool sunny day.
At the store, I got my favorite almond roca, and he got his usual vanilla in a cup. Then, we sat on a beautifully carved bench and gave each other a couple silly quizzes, laughing, making sure we included the word "butt" in several. It was like being in fourth grade again.
Cody loves to laugh. His blue eyes shone back at me, and I thought, "I have lots of time to be with him now. I'm so glad!"
I am incredibly grateful for these moments of grace and goodness. As Papa tells Travis after he shoots Old Yeller, "We must focus on the good things in life or the bad will takeover."
Tru'dat Papa. :)

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