Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Saturday sparkle

It has been an excellent Saturday afterall.

For some reason, I had a passive sadness this morning. I couldn't show up to go outside alone and enjoy the beautiful morning. I used to run solo and hit the day at an energetic (or active) pace. I had my watch, my tights, my fleece. I used to write about what the practice of perseverance stirred up in me: joy, strength, tightness, knee aches, faith.
But then, after about six years, I gradually slowed down and almost stopped altogether. And, now with homeschooling Cody, I don't get to meet my spirit-friend and run on Monday mornings.
But, the best thing happened today! As I was feeling passive and incapable, my cell phone rang, and my old Monday friend called to see if I could go on a trail walk. Saturday mornings are usually open for me, and so we agreed to meet in 15 minutes.
Thank you, God, for friends. I realized this morning when we were talking and laughing and jumping with our conversation that You are in the mix of this. When we looked over the bridge at the sparkling river below, and said hello to all the bikers going by us, and leaped over the mud puddle by the tunnel, and shared our spiritual heights and lows, I realized that You were showing me life again and again, outside of my worries and limits. My friend seems so sure of You and so stable, and it was wonderful to be re-inspired. Thank you for a treat morning!

Then, I went to lunch with my daughter, and we chatted as if our recent wall had crumbled.

Later, I went to a rousing meeting for a new communication vehicle for the church. A woman I know across from me made a cynical comment about indoctrination, and it was so fun to be able to laugh out loud and exchange knowing looks. I love being in a church where we can be cynical and laugh out loud freely. The meeting was great, full of creative suggestions ... more on that later!

An hour later, we were at the less-attended Saturday evening service. The sermon was okay, bu the people around me there are my friends. I talked with one who is beginning chemo treatments again for cancer. My reliable JH was across the auditorium, having made it safely back from her grandchildren. A small group study member was greeting at the door, new to service, looking committed and happy.

I don't want to think about leaving them all, but we will think about this possibility more in the coming week. We'll be going to Birmingham to see.

But, my Saturday was wonderful. Thank you, Lord, for life's goodness which you've created.

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