Thursday, February 10, 2005

Intimations a la obgyn

As usual, it was a marvelous ob-gyn annual visit. I showered and then flew across town to his office. His sassy nurse laughed at my hesitant response to a personal question. She took me into one of his waiting rooms where I undressed and put on the open-in-front robe for the convenient breast exam. And, then he gently knocked and opened the door. Reunion! There was so much I wanted to say to him, but he has lots of open legs to visit and babies to deliver. One year, he delivered 362 babies. He's truly committed to being there which he was for me when Cody was born. What was better is that he was there afterwards too. He visited me in my recovery room and asked what it was like, the miracle of birth. I love him, and my husband knows this. When any woman asks me who I see, I exclaim in long wonder about my gentle-man doctor whom they can never get an appointment with because he's so adored by all. Each year in February, I get to see him (and he me), and I recall snippets of our quick conversations during my exam: one year it was about DisneyWorld, another about his sons, another about a Bible study with his friends, another about teenagers in general, this year it was about Cody's upcoming genetic studies (I also told him about sledding). Then I am released from the chair, and we sit and talk like we've been at tea this entire time. Then he offers to help in various ways. He's going to write a prescription for me for cholesterol medicine! He's going to copy some files for me from my folder! He tells me that I look great and thin, and he makes some derogatory remark about his overweight figure. One year, he was truly God in gesture when he waited for me by the door with one hand holding out a packet of Ovcon, and his other hand holding a box of trial Ovcons. He offered them to me, and I immediately thanked him profusely (and affectionately) for the one free box of birth control pills in his hand. He said, "But, I'm offering the entire box to you." I felt so grateful and blessed to be receiving more than I imagined. Didn't that parallel something in the Bible that Christ did? Anyway, each time I leave my doctor wishing that I had complimented him more, that I knew his wife, that I would have some type of recurrent woman issue, that he would stay as a friend instead of a doctor. But, I realize my emotions regarding intimate privacy invasion has resulted in a codependent transfer of need and ... love, although he does deserve the love because he's so humble, gentle, caring, etc etc etc.
Okay, I must end this blog right now. One year from now, I will revisit this topic and again attest how wonderfully gentle and caring and sweet this oby-gyn man is, but, for now, I must get some sleep so that next year is one day closer.

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