Sunday, February 06, 2005

Shiites what? A good site for understanding the differences between the Shiites and Sunni. The Shiites reign in Iraq say the headlines this morning. What does this mean? Did our Christian nation pave the way for more oppression, or for more freedom? We can't change worldviews by force even with removal of a dictator. Did we throw a stone over there with our soldiers' bodies and then have the water return to the same reflection? Will the Christian groups there be able to freely worship like they did? President Bush purports to spread values and ideals, yet who can honestly say that oil economics did not play a role as well. Hopefully, the Shiite undergirding of the new constitution will allow democracy, albeit in foreign language and concepts, which means reasonable movement for those in Iraq who don't hold authority: other faiths, women, free expressionists. The world shifts a bit.

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