Thursday, August 04, 2005

We went to a community picnic down home. Farm-capped men sat on lawn chairs barely hearing the bad-speaker bluegrass. But, the men happily jawed at each other, telling jumbled jokes (my dad related) which couldn't be heard, but needed to be responded to by a grin and a "Well, yeah ....." My daughter and cousins ran around winning 2 liters of soda by ringing them with canned lid rubber rings; my son won three crazy hats and a million old ugly glasses which are now unfortunately in my cupboard at the dime toss. My sister and I were propositioned by at least one hillbilly a piece. And, at the end, right before home, all of us girls acted completely silly and took pictures of random people while we posed by them. I haven't laughed so hard since my Europe group all got on the bed in the hotel room and the bus driver cuddled with a 69 year old prudish lady for the camera. But now, life is back to normal, and my daughter and I have fought for the last three days. She wants more freedom, to go out almost every night until 11:30, and I say no. She wants, and I say no. I hope that in the morning she will be more understanding of my boundaries. I hope in the morning that I will be more understanding of her desires to have all confusing things figured out and filed.


alaiyo said...

Sounds like you had a delightful time, Teri. And like your daughter is a typical teen. Hang in there; she will grow up someday and will look back on the wonderfully fun times like this one you've just described with the same joy that you both felt while experiencing it.

Great pic of Cody -- he's adorable!



Fieldfleur said...

Thanks, Beth, for the parenting encouragement. You are sweet!