Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Boy Reasons with Creator.

"Please, God, we're only human ... we can drown. You made us this way. Please help the children in New Orleans not drown. Please. Please. They need you right now. You can do it. You're stronger than us. Please, please."

This was Cody's earnest prayer last night as we asked God to be with those suffering in the South. Although happy with his concern, I know that events like this bring up the flip side: why weren't you there? Why didn't you help that boy not to drown?

Life has natural laws, I know; yet, often as Christians we claim that our belief goes against those and God will break through and save the day. Often He lets happen what will happen. Disappointment, lack of faith, resentment, anger creeps into our concept of the Father who abandons. Our concept demands too much of Him. We forget that the spiritual relationship is not always a physical return of comfort, care, or life. Sigh.

Father, help stir the hearts and hands of those who will bring tangible relief to others. Please help them find as many people as possible. Thank you for creating all of us with the capability of humanitarianism. Thank you that while we live, you offer a higher solace even during grimness. Amen.

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