Thursday, August 11, 2005

I've been reading the latest "Time" magazine, and my brain is filled with angry buzz, the angry buzz of the creationists vs. the intelligent design-ers vs. the evolutionists. The angry buzz of the reporters with their assertions and introductory asinine clauses like "Emboldened by a sympathetic White House, Christian business owners are increasingly meshing prayer with profits..." The angry buzz of Steven Pinker, Psychology professor at Harvard, who says that "In practice, religion has given us stonings, inquisitions and 9/11." The angry buzz of Albert Mohler, President Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, who says "You cannot coherently affirm the Christian-truth claim [what about the Judaaic claim] and the dominant model of evolutionary theory at the same time."

And, I haven't even read the article about the Iraqui war called "An Enemy Ever More Brutal" which shows an American tank overturned and burned in which 14 Americans were killed.

I'm a bit sick over it at all. And so, I have joined in the anger, adopted it now, because I'm angry that we pit one against the other constantly for story or for victory or for oil or for philosophical, theological, political, scientific advantage.

(Don't read Time magazine this week, or perhaps you'll feel the same way.)

But yet our depravity and our dimness about things in general call me back to the things of this puzzling world where everyone is striking out in confusion. And, I want to entreat Divinity, nothing less (and nothing more can be imagined). And I want to say to this Intelligent Soft&Sadist Being:

If you created us, oh God, if it took seven days, if all the animals mutated at once (along with our eyeballs). If you cared for us, and sent the Incarnate to redeem our violence; if you watch over us, like a sleepless Shepherd, please calm the flock, send the good, make us warriors of understanding and peace. Amen.

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