Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It was an exceptional first day; Cody eagerly attended to all of our subjects, especially identifying the African animals in Botswana at Pete's Pond. He kept saying, "I do like homeschool." :) I kept thinking this is much better than the drifty summer where I was in one room and he in another when we were home. Today, we were on project, in togetherness. Even jumping on the trampoline together in a weird sort of game where we can't let the placed-on objects touch us (penalty of jumping jacks) was full of laughs and fun (even for me). Then, we ended the day with swimming lessons. I swam laps in the same lane as Cody and his instructor. It was pure pleasure to swim back to him and give him the thumbs up and see his huge smile before I dipped under and went back to the other end. Tomorrow, he goes to the local public school for music and p.e.; he knows the kids there, so it should be a little reunion. We'll see how it goes. So far, though, so good!

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lady laura said...

May all your days be as smooth and fun as this!