Thursday, August 25, 2005

I just exited my kitchen where I've been since 5:30 p.m. today. The apples panicked and announced their pending rot if I didn't focus on peel/slice, peel/slice for four apple pies. My mother-in-law has been picking her German fingers off for me (she had wildly producing trees), and, so it was baking time. However, she and the apples drove me less than the need for therapy. I'm tired. Teenager parenting issues have been exceedingly challenging lately. So, I rolled the dough, sprinkled with flour, formed a crust, peeled and sliced the apples, combined the sugar and cinnamon, carefully arranged apples into the pie plate, and wrapped the pies in plastic for the freezer. These are for later; I haven't had one warm slice for my effort. And so, for all the past energy and love I've poured forth for my daughter, I pray that the pie analogy will hold. Perhaps later, after this horribly-received boundary setting, she will remember my care and time, and perhaps we can know we love each other and feel each other's warmth and good intent. Please God watch over her and protect her with your higher love.


alaiyo said...

She will, and He does.

God bless you and uphold you as you stand your ground on His Word and in His love.



Bethany said...

If it helps I remember my parents boundaries. I thought they were absolutly unreasonable! I know love and respect them for reigning me in. I also look at others my age who weren't and thank God they did.

Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job! I'll be praying for you and your daughter.

(And praying my daughter decides to stop having birthdays and getting older. I'm liking her just fine at age 7!)

Cindy said...

Teri--Beth knows what she's talking about. She's been through it with two daughters and can offer a solid voice of experience!

Have prayed. Will pray. Blessings on your and all your carefully and lovingly constructed creations--your home most of all.

Fieldfleur said...

Thank you all so much for your encouragment and prayers!! I definitely need them. I'm glad that you're a model of making it through, Beth. It's possible! Let me know (or I'll see through your writing) if I can do pray for any of your challenges too.