Friday, August 12, 2005

Rain has decided to roll in for a good soak at the moment. A long-awaited thunder announces her visit. It's as if the Precipitation Tour Bus has parked outside and unloaded for a concert of good-will cheer. Finally. I'm sure our cracked back yard appreciates the musical attention, the rat-a-tat-tat, the sensory seep. I'm enjoying it although it's not causing me to gain that elusive sleep which has hit these last two weeks. (Why can't I double space sometimes in this blog?) So, anyway, I had some caffeinated drink at two friend get-togethers today and now it's making me pay up. I'm happy, though, because I hung out with two of my favorite friends at lunch today who make me laugh and exchange compliments and who tell all that's going on in the marital, spiritual, physical realm. They're both fashionable and authentic, and kind and edgy == they want to do things the right way, with joy and spirit. One sings and lights up her church's worship, yet she's shy in a way, just a delightful person, likes conservative talk radio. The other one is edgy, entirely depressed with the Bush re-election, funny, somewhat masculine, yet caring and kind and needy of relationships. I would like to hang out with them more and not get sidetracked by random other people which happens more and more lately. Even this morning, I went out to coffee with a friend who wore me out. One of my friendship rules is that the relationship must be reciprocal; I can't be just an Ear; I've tried to be an Ear; my Ear acts as if it's the only body part at times; yet, it never works out. The Mouth and Mind become too pissed off. And, then the Feet tell the Ear that it's taking it somewhere else ... and fast ... So, this morning, as in other recent days, my friend went on and on and on and on and on about a relational issue. I care; I want to show compassion to him, yet, my other parts want to leave as quickly as possible. I'm not sure why I'm relating this except to tell myself: relationships are a choice. Select the good ones and invest time in those who can give and take. Let them be like the rain, showing up to nourish; let me be like the rain too, a vital part of their growth. It was a gift to meet these nourishing types of friends for lunch today; I'm grateful; my Ear, Mouth, Mind, and Feet are all talking again.:)

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