Friday, August 05, 2005

I want my house's door to be swinging with kids coming in, going out, feeling safe. My neighbor's middle schooler camped out at my laptop today at the kitchen counter, Millsbury-ing a likeness of me, showing me things as I cleaned, ordered pizza, left for a ministry meeting. I like it that she's practically part of our family. She wasn't here when I returned, but she may be back tomorrow when her family is busy, when her teenage sister is cra-zy, when she's had a bad school day in the fall. Today, I went to coffee with an older friend-mother who makes me feel safe too. I lamented to her that I may not be doing friendships well in general. Seems like there's tons of people in my radar, and am I focusing on deep friendships as well? She understood exactly what I was talking about and commented that she's just glad we can be ourselves around each other and commisserate about the same things. I can unload. I can camp at her kitchen counter and just be a blob if I wanted to be. I have before. She's one of the few people who I can call and they will drop everything to be with me for a cup of coffee if I need it. I wasn't taught to ask for help, but she makes it allowable. Thank you, sweet God, for open hearts and doors.


Cindy said...

Absolutely! I'm beginning to think that availability is one of the most undervalued personal characteristics/commitments there is in this world today.

Fieldfleur said...

Right! you have to find that person or subgroup almost that is not racing around like greyhounds all the time. Kinda hard to find in our day. When I go south to visit parents, things 'appear' slower. Is that true?