Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sometimes the things I’m obligated to do becomes homeschooling hours for Cody (sound familiar?). Yesterday afternoon, I needed to watch a DVD that our church handed out to our 2000 attendees. The “interactive journey” is called “Jesus: Fact or Fiction?”

I popped some popcorn, and we settled down to watch the Jesus story film part (they were careful to explain that the man playing Jesus was just an actor, in case we believed erroneously that we were primary eyewitnesses on our couch with a tub of corn).

Anyway, Cody watched devotedly as Jesus was baptized, turned one basket into multitudes, allowed his feet to be washed by a woman. I tried to encourage dialogue and when a scene came on with a boat rocking in a sea storm, I said, “Oh, is this the place where Jesus walks on water?”

Cody noticing that Jesus was in the boat said, “No, Mom. He calms the water here.”
I said, “Oh, have you seen this movie before?”
He turned and looked incredulously at me, “No, Mom. I’ve read the book – duh!”

I guess he’s being brought up correctly afterall.:)

Another portion of this DVD includes scholars/famous speakers/theologians answering tough questions like: Does God exist? Is there historical evidence for Jesus?, etc.

It was excellent, and it follows with my prior post of being grateful for the grounding in this faith heritage. And it reminded me that there is a strong intellectual empirical basis for our faith (as well as testimonial through personal stories of transformation). Ravi Zacharias, a professor of comparative world religions, also differentiated for me the claims of Christianity and why these matter.

It’s amazing the things there are to learn. Life is good.


Cindy said...

When we attended a small country church, we once listened as a member went on for some time about why it's best to not "over-educate" oneself, since this leads to doubt. Great Scott and I held our tongues, despite our desire to unload both barrels on him. (He was a friend, and we understood what he was trying to say, although he wasn't quite getting it out there, I think.) The more I learn about this world and scientific knowledge, the more it serves as a foundation for my faith and deepened trust in God. And I love that!

Cody sounds like he has a tremendous sense of humor.

Ravi ROCKS!!

Fieldfleur said...

I agree with you totally, Cindy, and I think we are wired in similar ways. There's a great book called "Sacred Pathways" by Gary Thomas which talks about how we as individuals are drawn to God through different avenues. Some more through music, some more through nature, etc. Learning is definitely one of those things that helps me understand and feel closer to God ... like brain is connected to heart in a strong way. Anyway thanks for your comment!