Saturday, December 17, 2005

Okay, Cindy, at, here are five random things which you asked me to list about myself. I nudge Laura, Beth, and anyone else out there who would like to participate in this fun!

1. In the not so distant past, I have rappeled down a mountain cliff in Colorado.

2. As a girl, I used to fish alone for perch (or bass or snapping turtle!) all the time at our pond using bacon which I snuck from our refrigerator.

3. My neighborhood little girlfriend and I used to compose "routines" either on our ponies or on our septic tanks. :)
4. I can play tunes on the banjo, mandolin, and guitar.

5. The number one thing I liked to do on my summer European trip: climb! (towers, mountains, steeples, stairs) which I believe comes from my Ozarkian hill training. Yeah!:)


Cindy said...

Numbers 5 and 1 go well together. :) Number 3 reminds me of how my brother and I used to get in trouble for coming into the house covered with silver/gray paint from playing on the gas tank in the backyard.

Thanks, Teri. These were fun.

Fieldfleur said...

Yes, gas tank / septic tank, we used these terms interchangeably, but it was probably correctly the gas tank. Yes, silver gray paint on the skin : that is a memory!! :) I can tell that you grew up as a bored kid in the Ozarks.:)

Cindy said...

Runnin' barefoot on gravel roads, you bet. :)