Friday, December 09, 2005

It’s darn cold this morning (2 degrees), and no running for yours truly. Cody and I just tromped outside where we jumped in the van to go to public school music and p.e. I have my hour now. Typically, I go to a nearby coffee shop and meet a friend, but that feels old this morning, and I just want to stay in and relax. I would love to take the day off, but yesterday we had a snow day. We had a sledding day at a nearby park. Even my teenager joined us for the thrill of the slope. A friend of mine told me that snow reminds him of going crosscountry skiing naked with old Wisconsin friends. Okay.

Tonight my husband comes home, thankfully. He’s flying in a small plane, piloted by his boss, back to Little Rock from a business meeting. Husbands need to be gone for a little while before we say, “I can put up with that!” He’s such a good man; I don’t think I could find anyone better for me.

My Bible is waiting for me on the table. I know that I need the “be still” time, which answers all of the reasons for faith, which goes down the shaft and pulls up water for the dehydration I often find myself in. May this be a day of increased awareness of God’s moisture.

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