Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm on my way out shortly to meet another neighborhood mom/runner at the corner for our first run together. It's always interesting to see how paces match.
As I wake up this morning, I can only think of two incongruent things from last night: Calphalon skillets and Capote -- which both make me smile. The movie "Capote" is at the independent film movie theater; it was excellent, depicting how art impacts the artist, particularly when his art had its roots in gruesome, yet sympathetic, reality. Two girlfriends and I met up to see it; I would highly recommend seeing the film.
Then, my friend and I went to visit the store where my little cutie daughter works, and I was assaulted with a calphalon skillet almost as soon as I got there. "Mom, it's such a good deal!"
She and what seemed like a couple of other girls in red aprons gathered around me with intense looks in their eyes about this skillet, the last one left, wouldn't I want it? So, I bought it as a memory of Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" which I'll think about as I fry my steak.
My daughter is quite the professional, yet when she comes home, she seeks me out as a daughter to tell me about her day on the job. It's a good time right now.

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