Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Anyone taking a break from wrapping? Yes, I've wrapped my mind around accomplishing this task. The boys are almost home from their southern whereabouts, and I've almost got the holidays taped and folded up. Feels good, and I wonder, is there a spiritual strand in this. No, not really. Sigh.

I've had wonderful conversation these last two days, long coffees and lunches. I think I could do this for a living; however, I need a housekeeper, and some new cute hats, and some chocolate orange treats which may necessitate money one day. (Not to mention the practicalities of roof and nourishment.)

Have you ever applied a certain image to describe a conversation with a friend? Today, my friend and I engaged in meta-talk (and meta-laughed about this) as we imagined our conversation (and talks like it in the last ten years of friendship) as being like a vine, with offshoots, tendrils, and ultimately progression. I like that. A woman I met with on Monday and I always have circular talks -- it takes a while for us to communicate because our associations tend to be comprehensive, non-linear, and for two hours we knit together a weave of some sort that feels round, complete, but large with lots of inner content. It wears me out, but it's worthwhile gradually. It's funny how each communication takes on its own life.

Finally, I wonder ... what will tomorrow be like in Iraq? It's excellent to hear the positive reports about the election, after so much death of American soldiers, still yet, long-term what will happen? And, now there's the Iranian leader making claims about the holocaust being a myth created by European advocators of an Israeli state. Oh dismay. Then there's China, North Korea. Peace is quite elusive.

There's comfort in friendships and faith, n'est-ce pas?

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