Monday, March 28, 2005


There's a slant of sun on my gray carpet that's highlighting something new, smelly, wiggly, adorable. His name is Sparky, and he's lying most comfortably and cutely in the sun. A Jack Russell. He was a gift to Cody from an aunt who raises dogs. I meant to say no. But, the sight of the big loving smile, the pup in arms, the hope ... might as well've said no to apple pie too. So, now, he's here. I smell him. I've been squirting carpet cleaner after him. But, he did his business three times under the tree in the back yard, and so we've been applauding him like he's the next best thing to waterparks. The cats are miffed. My hubby adapted and now holds him like a baby in his rocking chair.
We need pleasant things in our home. Seems like the gray weather has snatched all of our moods and made them stretch over the house in a form of snarly suffocation. We've all been complaining lately after the last grey week. My daughter and I especially, complaining about each other. Big things, though, are in the works here. Things that I can't even utter because of sadness and disappointment and mishandling and criticisms ... Well, well... time to suck it up and take the next move which will be a type of shedding, even of good things. Sentimentality will strike at some point to double me over, but for now, I'm moving ahead trying to piece it together in the way that I can. The best way? Doubtfully, however, seems like it's a season to suffer as the parent of a teenager. Lord, help me not lose the pearls from the past by casting them into today's turbulent waters. Amen.
The day is beautiful! A little bit of study, and then we're off to be active.
Take care.

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