Saturday, March 05, 2005

Southern ground

Our last day amidst the hills, pines, houses on ridges, former boss' entreaties of acceptance, huge malls, ton of traffic. Confusion will follow us up north as we try to make our decision. It could be a couple of weeks, and we might think, "Heeeey! Go Auburn, go U of A!" However, from the sight of the large football stadiums on the high school level here and from direct statements, we know that we'd have to choose either Auburn or U of A. Do we wish to enter into that type of culture? I mean we don't have to choose the Chiefs or the Rams -- middleground is comfy ground in the Midwest. Here, they're a bit more strident about their food, sports, neighborhoods, family oil paintings, middle names, manners, Baptist churches, and furniture.
It is beautiful, though. And, I'm a change person which tempts me even against all that I would be giving up. Much. We'll see; it'll determine itself through hubby's view of new job and daughter's acceptance.
I'm a land person, though, and the sight of the ridges, foothills of the Appalachia mountains all around me, rivers is captivating me.
Okay enough of that. I am dying for a cinnamon roll and have been imagining it all night! Off to pack to discover!

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