Thursday, March 03, 2005


Vietta's daffodil that I plucked after closing the gate at my parent's farm is on this fancy, mahogany desk in this fancy Birmingham hotel. It looks a bit forlorn, like I should have picked two or left it on the farm, underneath the big oak tree that holds the nail to chain the gate. Maybe we're all out of place.

However, today is a day to keep mind and eyes open. Yesterday when we drove in, it again surprised me how pretty the countryside is here with its hills and pines. I wanted to know more about the inner life of the forest here. Does it look like my familiar and loved Ozarks with its rocks, patches of grass and moss, gravel, varied soil? I think I will have to check it out before even considering a move South. The warmth is nice. I see that annuals (albeit pansies) have even been set out already around the hotels.

I meet with an old 'acquaintance' today who will show me around while my husband is being ranked by the bigguys. Will I feel the materialism seeping all around me?

We shall see! My mind is back at my church, though. How did last night's meeting go? I truly wish that I could've been there, working with the people I know. Ah well, we shall keep our mind and eyes open here in Alabama.

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