Friday, June 23, 2006

Lord, help me to rest a while in the
cooling shade of your presence.
Slow down my restless heart and
fill me with gentle compassion for
all your people. Amen.

Prayer for Summer

The above faith-thought-prayer is from which delivers scripture and prayers to your inbox daily if you'd like. I just discovered this site not too long ago; it's interesting to go and see how people receive their sole or some of their faith community from virtuality. The church is supposedly changing in these so-called post-modern times. Did anyone see the Cowboy church on NBC nightly news the other night? The reporting journalist called it a "barn again" movement. Yep, wear your spurs, hat, and Wrangler's and praise the Lord. Although I like liturgy, I find these types of expressions to be refreshing too. Wherever it takes.


alaiyo said...

My husband laughed and laughed about the Cowboy church; he thought it was great!

Are you very familiar with Christina Rossetti's poetry? I have just been going through the Complete Poems (Oxford paperback edition), and it is like reading an eloquent and moving devotional, especially the section of poems that were published in her 1892 book just called Verses. She was a devout believer, an Anglican, who gave up marriage because of her beliefs, and she would be far better known had Browning and Tennyson not been the contemporary competition; she is a brilliant poet. Anyway, I will be writing about her work at inscapes sometime in the next few days but thought you would enjoy her.



Fieldfleur said...

Thanks, Beth. I'm not that familiar with Rossetti's poetry; just encountered here in the 'survey' lit courses. I'll be looking forward to your posts!

My parents said that there's a Cowboy church near them. Wonder if it's a new "brand" of denomination? :)