Monday, June 26, 2006

Go Mom Go!

She had two big bowls of homemade ice cream the night before and went to bed miserable. Nonetheless at 6:45, we drove out to the park where we saw many gray-haired, muscular men and women stretching preparing for the Missouri Senior Games 5K.

It's always inspiring to see how toned and determined these athletes are. Along with the bodily difference, there's a universal positive attitude they seem to share. I stood with my 60some year old local friend and we cheered them on. Mom came gliding past, focused, gritty, daring the ice cream to disrupt her gait. The winning male, probably in his early 50's, crossed at 19:50 and would've been faster had he not fallen along the way.

Mom finished at 35:00 minutes which seems to be her usual. Dottie, the 81 year old, was not far behind.

After the 5K, we went to the track where Mom and I hung out all day, making wonderful new friends, gasping at how fast these Seniors are, becoming inspired. She collected five medals, three gold and two silver in her as-usual unassuming way. Dottie, looking cute in her sports bra, competed in almost every event. She was adorable.

Here are some pictures, showcasing these never-say-never amazing seniors! My mom is the little petite one in the torquoise shorts and white tank.


Rebecca said...

what an inspiration she is! I have been lamenting my inactivity as of late. She may just do the trick to get me moving. Thanks for sharing the photos and story. I would be happy to do a 35 minute 5K these days!

Dawn said...

Congratulations to your mom, Teri! What an inspiration - you must be so proud! :)

Fieldfleur said...

Thanks! Yes, I am grateful and proud of her!
When you run your fall 5K, Bekky, please post pictures. Seriously, you can do it!

Take care,