Wednesday, June 07, 2006

In looking over at Dawn's and Becky's site, I see such beautiful interesting photos of their homeschooling adventures. Today, I could have taken a picture of cornstarch quicksand in Cody's hand, transforming in a split second from a solid to a liquid (how fun!). Or the walk we went on where we encountered once again our old moved-out cat. Perhaps I could have taken a photo of my daughter dutifully washing the car and the van as return payment for a loan. Or, the cheery yarrow in one of the back beds.
But no! I didn't because of our canoe trip last Friday back home in which we personally met a rock at Horseshoe Falls on the North Fork. Cody, in the middle, screamed the whole way over into the river and then clawed at me, dunked me under, and pulled my bathing suit top down in his panic. And, I was worried about him. Finally, I yelled like a sailor at him to stand up in the thigh deep water and walk toward the bank.
Meanwhile ... the tackle box which held my camera demonstrated why it only cost $4.99 at Wal-Mart. We opened it up, the flood and lures poured out. I was hoping the camera would dry out and work, but it's taking any excuse to retire.
No pictures for a while as E-bay is happily receiving my hits for a replacement.
Cody has also decided to retire from canoing. At the end of our float, he said, "O Lord, thank you that this trip is over."


Rebecca said...

Oh that stinks about your camera! I hope the search is fruitful, though. I have a lot of luck with ebay. Plus it is fun to see what crazy things people sell (and buy). "One lb. of dryer lint for only $5.99"! :)

Dawn said...

Oh, Teri, I'm laughing, but I feel your pain! Well a bit. I got my camera wet yesterday taking pictures in the rain, and it jammed up. But fingers-crossed, it *seems* to be recovering. I hope you are able to find a camera at a reasonable price and soon! :)

Fieldfleur said...

I've lost four bids already on my replacement. Geez, I guess there's an entire population out there who has the same "it fell in the creek" story as mine!

Dryer lint? That's crazy.

Hope your camera has recovered, Dawn, or we may be bidding against each other!

Cay in La. said...

Hmmm, Paris certainly sounds more my style. : )

Cay in La. said...

Commented in the wrong place. :/