Monday, June 12, 2006

In the last hour or two, my friends just learned that their 20something year old son was killed in a car accident. They must be feeling such depths of sorrow at the moment. Heavy sadness.

Faith is such a funny thing at times. In times like this, I can imagine that the presence of faith causes both intense comfort and agony. Comfort in being held by God. Comfort in knowing others who can share your pain through prayers and caretaking. Comfort in the cross model of sacrifice. Agony in that your precious child was not protected by benevolence. Agony in that you've tried to lead a godly life for what seems like for naught now. Agony that, in the future, you will not watch your child grow, while others will have theirs, when you want yours very badly. Sorrow at intense loss.

Father, I pray for this family that you may carry them firmly into grief and comfort their hearts. Amen.


Dawn said...

Teri, I am so sorry to hear of this tragedy. I will pray for your friends and their dear son. What terrible pain they must be in.

alaiyo said...

Amen to this, Teri.

(Just have been catching up on reading and enjoying it very much, by the way.)