Thursday, April 06, 2006

You Are a Soy Latte
At your best, you are: free spirited, down to earth, and relaxed
At your worst, you are: dogmatic and picky
You drink coffee when: you need a pick me up, and green tea isn't cutting it
Your caffeine addiction level: medium

I got this fun link from Dawn who got it from ... , who discovered it from .... funny, but I've never had a my alter ego, soy latte, before; I prefer my coffee black and strong -- what kind of coffee do they think you are?


Dawn said...

Strangely enough I was *almost* a soy latte :) I love little quizzes like these!

Jennifer said...

I love my result. I was an Irish coffee: at my best, wild, outgoing; at my worst, too reckless. What the ...?

Fieldfleur said...

Thanks for the link, Dawn!

So the personality inventory java screening is a little off ... or is this a side of you that you have yet to discover?? :)