Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I wish that I could write a fitting ode to my garden aid cart pictured above. I first thought that this birthday gift was for geriatric hobby gardeners prescribed under doctor's stern orders. So, I initially sat on it smirkfully, looking for the reactions of those watching over our wooden fence (these townies do continuously watch our movements, you know). And, then, voila!, it became my favorite garden tool. I just sit and scoot along the dandelion row without getting my knees or butt wet from the grass. I love it; it's just so sidesaddle ladylike. (My kids also like zipping down the driveway on it as well.) And, so I'm wondering, what is your favorite garden tool?


Rebecca said...

I have an older version of this and LOVE it! Your daffodils are gorgeous BTW...mine are just starting to pop out of the ground!

Fieldfleur said...

Yes, how did we do without our little roll-around carts beforehand?!

Enjoy the promise of daffodil bloom,