Saturday, April 08, 2006

This is a rare photo of my garden owl on his pedestal. Mostly, our cats, Cassie and Trixie, jump on his head to get on top of the fence and send him sprawing. It's exasperating because there's no way to tell them, other than a bbgun (kidding!) that they're desecrating a friendship idol. I received this owl from one of my fave friend Nisha when I worked in her garden when they were trying to sell their house prior to moving to Iowa. He was there for her, upright, casting prudence upon everything. But, in my garden, prudence gives way to whimsy and flight. Cats rule.

At the police station, the culprit lines up, hoping to not be recognized.

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Rebecca said...

Hilarious! Years ago, I had a cat that looked just like yours. Her name was Toonces. She was just as mischevious as your jailbird!