Wednesday, May 03, 2006

While my napping son is on the couch, I tried to ignore my encroaching signs of sickness by transplanting hostas from a crowded side bed. The four larger hostas shown weren't here before. Usually impatients or begonias add some color in this shady, dry area behind our house. I must remember to water and fertilize during the heavy days of summer. I often neglect if truth be told.

It was soothing to garden in the soaked quietness of the morning. I tried to pray. I was more successful at focusing on the weed in front of me. Prayer has been hard lately. I have a notebook, yes, with some letters in it. I rush through the Lord's prayer from time to time. I burst out pleas for my daughter at random moments. My prayers feel sliced, though. I trust God takes them in particles. I trust God waters with care.


Rebecca said...

I think God knows our heart so well, even when we do not speak. Take comfort in just being with him. He cares for you so much.

BTW, the hosta look so green and healthy! :)

Fieldfleur said...

Thanks, Becky. Your words meant much to me in an encouragable way. I appreciate them!