Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Humidity has hit. I've started substituting a bike ride for running some days. The bike takes me farther away quicker, which I like. It takes me down our city trail to a city lake where I like to sit on Helen's memorial bench and pray and watch the geese swim and watch the dogs splash into the water after a thrown stick. It's so peaceful there. My friend knows Helen's husband, goes to lunch occassionally. He related the story of Helen being a swimming enthusiast. She must of been drawn to the water. I like to think of Helen as having similar motherly concerns in her lifetime -- the concerns which I'm usually thinking about. Yesterday I was at once full of gratitude because my daughter was back and full of anxiety about how we would have the hard talks (or the easy laughs) again. God reassures, though. I also deposited the thoughts of my son's autism spectrum issues. His public school class "graduated" fifth grade last night, and so, although I'm extremely pleased with homeschooling and love it for him, benchtime helped me grieve the losses and challenges that my son faces and has faced. Afterwards, I always stand up feeling refreshed and strengthened again, capable of pushing down on the pedals towards the tough, tough hill I must overcome before I whiz into my cul-de-sac. I'm glad it's the humid time of year again; I believe I needed it.

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