Monday, May 22, 2006

Thanks for all your prayers ... as of today, she's back! And, after multiple Oreos and sit down chatting, we just got back from a late night jog in the cool beautiful honeysuckle-full night. I love having my girl back. We've always enjoyed each other's company during our times of peace. I know peace is elusive ... when we begin talking about responsibilities, expectations, some curtailment when needed, she becomes ... unpredictable. I'm not sure she's back to stay because something may set her off again, and she'll be gone. But for now, my daughter is home, andthis in itself is a blessed gift. Divine father&mother, please release us to love. Amen.


Rebecca said...

So happy to hear the wonderful news! Enjoy one another!

Dawn said...

Wonderful news, Teri! Praying for continued peace. :)

Fieldfleur said...

Thanks much, Becky and Dawn. I appreciate your cheers (and prayers)!


Cindy said...


Happy Mother's Day, Teri

(and thank You, Abba).

Fieldfleur said...

Thanks, Cindy. You knew that MD did not live up to the hype then. I've heard it called one of the saddest days of the year for women too.
I can understand that better now.