Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Five (okay, seven) Little Things that Bring Me Satisfaction or Pleasure

Per Cindy's prompting at Quotidian Light, I've been motivated to post again, after a break in which I've had to focus all of my attention on being a mother. So, here goes!

1. My son's laugh because it comes from his toes and spreads out like rays.

2. Hearing the birds sing on warm winter days like today.

3. Watching my husband's smiling face as he watches one of his favorites: "The Andy Griffith Show."

4. Silence, silence, silence

5. Getting an instant facial steam when I drain freshly boiled pasta in a colander.

6. Rolling down the windows to breathe in the country air as we first arrive and drive down the lane that leads to my parents' tucked away farmhouse way out in the hills.

7. Seeing two women walking and chatting like crazy on the trail or the street.


Jennifer said...

Number 5 made me laugh. I've done that, too.

Cindy said...

Sometimes I stand on tip-toe to lean over it. :)

Good list, Teri.

alaiyo said...

Love these, Teri. 2 and 4 -- yes, oh yes!