Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm a feelin' bluesy, and all I can picture as an antidote is going to the hills this weekend and walkin' it out alone in the woods on my parents' and great-grandparents' farm. I'm just feeling overwhelmed by parenting. I'm taking on all of their stuff. I'm blending myself to where I'm not breathing. I'm not doing some of the heart and soul things that I enjoy. I need to walk and sit on a stump and hear the squirrels scampering and the blue jays calling and the wind rustling and hear my thoughts and God's whispers and know that when I emerge, my deeper breath will have been restored. I'll still have kids, yes. I'll still have challenges to walk through with them, yes. I'll still have lunches to fix out of whatever's available, yes. But, perhaps I'll be resonating again somewhere within myself. Heading south, definitely needed.

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