Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Keillor wrote in his latest book about an idealized world where people take care of one another (he called it St. Paul:) (Jan Karon calls it Mitford:) (and he attributed it to a society of Democrats, of course:). That "taking care of" aspect of relationship always interests me. It brings me back to my Grandma Cora whom I still see in the headlights of my former little red pickup, waving farewell to her granddaughter and her husband, smiling and yelling earnestly, "Take care [she pronounced it Keer] of each other, okay? Okay?" Her bright head of celestial white hair shone out. She waved over and over like a child.

It was a searing image and moment, and the "taking care of" aspect became a loving grandmother's wise edict, and a litnus test of love forevermore.

So, yesterday, a Dillards salesgirl unknowingly became a lit lamp, revealing that the Divine takes care of his own in some way or another. I'm still smiling over the encounter.

My daughter and I were purchasing earrings, when the sales girl noticed my daughter's school t-shirt and asked what year she was in, and then said, "I know it doesn't seem like it now, but it's almost over for you. You'll look back and it will have been like no time at all. Do you have Mr. ____ as your principal? He's really sweet and caring, much better than any of the others." She had graduated in '03. It was amazing. She spoke directly into the heart of the current struggle. I felt like calling her later to tell her, "You have no idea how God spoke through your words." Maybe I'll stop by her counter before too long to thank her and let her know how she was used for a higher purpose. Maybe I'll pray for her and for help during her struggles.

I love God's active care and audible affirmations which makes me feel calmed and humbled by his powerful beams of love.

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