Thursday, February 02, 2006

Nuts, bolts, rusted shed tools, industrial throwaways glamorized by marbles or shaping or tile all twisted together or smoothed or warped or stacked high for us. I have bruises on both knees to display as unlikely art as well (perhaps my skin cells can slip, slide, squeal with delight upon them). That's what I felt like today: some sort of micro-organism upon a new scenario that I must embark upon to reproduce (or something like that:). Cody and I went to The City Museum in St. Louis ( today, and we were enthralled, amazed, frightened, and happy we found such an unbelievable place. And, since I'm experiential Mom (since no one else is around to play with him), I found myself scaling wire cages high in the air (always a fantasy:), sliding down metal twisted slides, way up in a burned out airplane perched high on a steel pole, on my belly in a cavernous tunnel, and much more haven't-I-sacrificed-enough crooks and crannies than I can name. If you haven't been, go -- it's an artistic (new age gothic) as well as a Tom Sawyer land of adventure. Just be a kid, or better yet, bring two. :)

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