Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not as many interesting words today in Arkansas. A wind, yes, a wind! I think we may have a tornado watch here tonight, but in the hotel, we live in a fake time zone without our belongings around us that we have to catch and capture before they rupture out the window.

Because my husband is still unfortunately sick, I went out to give him peace and shopped. The words in a department store are decidedly streamlined for regulated response: "Hello. How are you today? Is there anything I can help you with?"

"No, I'm just looking."

I felt depressed walking around, looking at bad clothing on the 75% off rack, wondering why I wasn't reading in a coffee shop, worrying that I looked like the rich, bored ladies who have the lost-luggage faces. All the shopping words were clipped, damaged bringing no sign of vitality to the participants.

Finally, I just decided to drive and explore more streets which I did as I listened to some more Keillor, whom my friend used to see walk by his apartment porch all the time in St. Paul. The chapters I listened to made me think of my friend V and an old debate we get into all the time at our book club meetings. She is incredulous that a 'born again' Christian (she spits out the phrase 'born again', because Catholics like herself don't see the need, and because Pat Roberston and others have used such phraseology for division purposes) could be a Democrat. (Although, I've tended mostly to be a critic of both parties -- a type of unfortunate noncommital in a way which I'm seeing more harm in.)

V and I love each other, hug, dialogue, debate with emotions, and walk away saying, "Don't change, but if you do, I'll still love you!" She's a liberal 64 year old, punching theatrical sort who embraces life and ideas with passion. I'm quite blessed to know and enjoy her.

Anyway, the book reminded me of our ongoing debate which caused me to write her today at length. Words more words began to happen. One day, I'll die (maybe tomorrow), and there won't be any more. I really do like them.

Well, my husband, who is still sick, and still out of it, poor guy, -- he even thanked the vending machine today when it remitted his candy -- has asked me to silence the typing of the words.

Shhhhh... too many words! is that even possible?....

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