Thursday, April 28, 2005

A first venture

Several people had issued "warnings" about the type of homeschooling people that I might meet if I dare go to the planned recess today at a local park. "They're either a bunch of hippies or they say really fear-based religious things. I just didn't fit in," said a former h/s mom who now owns a nearby frozen yogurt shop. She said this seriously to me without a trace of eyeliner or mascara.

Yet, it was time to go forth and meet this unseen throng whose ranks I had joined in mid-January. Hippies can be humorous; right wingers can be definite with their information. I'm not scared. So, Cody and I went forth on this rainy, gray day. The rain had recently stopped, and, yes, the ground was saturated, but no drops were falling, so we decided to show up.

We loved the homeschooler group and felt welcome among them all! As we jumped rocks and tried to stay above the puddles and spongy mulch, we laughed loudly and challenged ourselves to go to a higher level. Then, we jumped on the tires, and I slid and screamed loudly. We climbed up to the slides which had little jewel raindrops which we pushed down the slide to their bigger jeweled-puddled parents.

And the other homeschooling parents kept quiet and accepted us, because they weren't there! No one was there, or they were dead, and we were the only people present who were not spirits. I kept thinking that if one mother showed up that she would be my new best h/s group friend, but, alas, she wasn't adventurous enough so I don't think I'd want her as a friend anyway!

Perhaps next week, we can see if anyone will be desperate enough to venture out rain or shine, but, for today, we loved our homeschooling-association experience!


lady laura said...

You had me going there for a minute.
I'm sorry you didn't make any new best homeschooling group friends, but glad that you had a good time anyway:-)

Anonymous said...

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