Tuesday, April 12, 2005


How many children were up wild-eyed in their bed at midnight last night? How many parents felt the strain of helplessness again for many nights in a row? We raise our hands tiredly.
On my counter, there's Paxil and there's Zoloft and there's Strattera and there's Ritalin. Are any of these more than just a pharmaceutical reps push? We haven't seen mostly positive outcomes, the outcomes of the medication always bring lack of appetite and aggression. But, our doctor keeps looking at me with her intent eyes to try them despite the consequences. And, I'm contemplating them again. Actually, half a Paxil lies waiting for water and mouth. Sigh. Silently and insidiously, the question always pops into my head: why us? why him? what can we really do? how will all of this turn out?
With that in my head, I'm taking him out on our lovely city bike trail so that we can pedal in oxygen. The trees will be bright and swaying with new green. The season is upon us for change and movement, and even though our problems seem to stick, we can celebrate God's faster timing.

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