Thursday, September 02, 2004

Is Audrey Hepburn in the house?

The black wig is off, my pointy heels discarded, my fashionable black pants flung, and now I'm happily in flannel boxers and big t-shirt smiling at some of the images of the evening.
Kathy was in the huge, regal ugly pink dress that I picked up at the Richmond's Salvation Army. She had a pointy hat which increased her six foot stature. She looked gigantic. At one point, she turned around and looked up at Clinton and me, Stacy, who were in persona for our spoof of "What Not to Wear", and made some comment. I gave her a Stacyesque "Shut Up!" and the crowd roared. She looked so funny and forlorn in her big Queen outfit.
Bill was in the lacy dress he agreed to don. When Clinton asked him to shake it like a Polaroid, he gave his coy refusal.
Pretty Lisa was all decked out in coveralls with a cap and a toy tractor. She made the farmer look one of high fashion.
Sally was loving the flamingo nightgown, flouncing around without any encouragement whatsoever. Susan looked gorgeous in the size 22 swimwear. And, Cathy looked super in her gypsy outfit and rubbed the ball when I asked her to.
It was all so fun. Can I sleep tonight?!
Eighty-six women showed up for this women's ministry group meeting. Excellent. I was nervous but went on a meditative walk again this morning, and it was exceptional. It lifted me from feeling like inadequate dirt to having purpose in the light, being a light, opening to it.
Right now, I just had a huge shiver thinking about that touch which prepared me for this evening and my various roles. Amazing aliveness ... caring Father. I'm so happy.
What will the semester bring? I have 17 women in my class. Lots of meditative walks will be necessary. Tomorrow brings a new class probably of 17 women too. What will happen in those 34 lives from now until December? Peace, hopefully. Many of them seem like the typical seekers which come into our church. I was the seeker skeptic too. I still can understand the questions and the pain behind them : Where were you God? How do I know that you are real? How can I stay away from ignorant narrow thinking? What do you want of me? What do I do with all of my stuff?
Hmmm... questions of faith. That's what our class is about. May the answers flow in abundance and may truth of the setting-free sort land aloft in our circles. C'est possiblement.......

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