Saturday, September 11, 2004

Eyeball revenge

George W. arrived gracefully in our mailbox; he had a presidential, determined gaze appropriate to calm the masses who glanced at the cover of Time magazine. Rushed to work? = one glance at a newstand's copy could reduce your anxiety. Diagnosed with cancer? = a waiting room's copy could dissipate your dread.
My son welcomed this calming force into our home with love. With love that became almost an unhealthy attachment. Therefore, when his sister, a known staunch Democrat, outlined George W.'s face with black marker and gave him horns, hell dwelt within an otherwise peaceful place.
We didn't know until later when a blood curdling scream issued forth from the teenage sister's red room.
"Moooooooooooommmmmmmm!!!! Look what Cody did!!!!! I hate him! I hate him!!!!!"
I walked in, adjusting my eyes again to the sexy, thin boy images plastered on her walls where she pointed.
"Just look!!! Just look!!! Ooooohh! I hate him!!!! Why did he do this?!" Her anguished face reminded me of the murderous periods in history ... the bourgeouise attacking Marie Antoinette for economic injustices and snobbery ... the Belgium in the Congo demanding rubber quota from the Africans ... Stalin being dismantled piece by piece.
Raw passion. Threatening overrule.
I looked up and saw Orlando Bloom with blackened circles for eyeballs. On his shirt, in fourth grade print, were the words, "I'm a bad boy."
In my daughter's hands were photographs of her blackened-eyeballed, cheerleader friend, Hannah, and a horned picture of herself that she liked and had set beside her bed. On the shade of her bedside touch light, were the words "I'm dumb" to remind her of her perpetual mental condition.
That's how we found out that Cody was protecting the honor of the calm demeanor-gone-black of George W. Bush. He admitted it and accepted his sentence of no Playstation for the night.
Political turmoil abounds during election year pitting family member against family member. The morning of November 5th will unleash the demons of hell again in our home. All wars are not connected to religion! Orlando Bloom, Chad Michael Murray, and Colin Ferrell, run and take cover! The black marker may cometh again!

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